FAQ for Foot Detox Therapy of Tulsa

Below are some of the questions people generally ask about the EB-PRO™ ION Therapy System that we use at Foot Detox Therapy of Tulsa.

Q:  What exactly does “EB” stand for and what does the “EB” System do?

A:  “EB” stands for Energy Balancing. The Energy Balancing System aids in the restoration of the body’s natural state of cellular health through exposure to positive and negative ions. This therapeutic foot bath helps to facilitate the body’s natural detoxification process resulting in improved cellular function and an overall feeling of well being.


Q:  How often can I be treated?

A:  Between the ages of 10 and 65, it is recommended that treatments are administered every other day. For those under age 10 or over age 65, the recommendation is every third day.


Q:  Why can’t I be treated every day?

A:  Daily treatments may create a healing crisis as the body’s detoxifying systems come into balance. This may cause excessive fatigue.


Q:  Can I use the ion therapy system while taking prescription medication?

A:  Most doctor prescribed medicines will not cause any harm but the decision is best left up to you and your physician. The safety and well-being of all patients is first and foremost. Therefore, it is recommended that your primary care physician be consulted before treatment.


Q:  Can I use the ion therapy system if I’m wearing jewelry?

A:  Yes. Any jewelry that would be in the water would need to be removed.


Q:   Is the ion therapy system safe to use for people who have metal plates or pins in their body?

A:  Yes! The only concern is for electrical implants. If you have an electrical implant, you should consult your doctor prior to use.


Q:  What is the function of the “array” that’s in the water with my feet?

A:  The array is the conductive transfer unit of the direct current into the water which generates the ionic field that transfers the energy into the body. It is completely safe!


Q:  What are the bubbles that come from the array?

A:  The bubbles are the separation of the hydrogen and oxygen in the water as the ionic field is being created.


Q:  What is the cost for a foot detox therapy session?

A:  The cost is $40 and a foot detox therapy session generally lasts about 20 minutes.

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